Independent Learning Project

7 Tips for Beginning a Blog

For my independent learning project, I will be learning to create a successful blog. I found some very useful tips and wanted to share with you my top ten tips I’ve read. These tips come from multiple resources, including regular people and expert bloggers.

  1. Do not try to be perfect.

No one is perfect and no post is perfect. It is important to remember this when writing your posts. There is always going to be someone that disagrees with you but there are people who do agree with you and will find the post you are writing interesting.

2. Blog what you are passionate about.

Image Credit: Wanda Di Mattero

When you are thinking about what to post about, consider things you find interesting. Try to reach write something you would want to read. This way you will get the audience you want. Something I do is go on Twitter and find some popular stories on subjects you enjoy.

3. Do not lie in your blogs!

Blogging is almost like a news source. You are talking about a subject and telling people about it. Just like in person, you don’t wanna lie about this subject. If you do, you loose all your credibility and your reputation will drop dramatically.

4. Write something that can last.

Image Credit: Josie Hopkins

This is my favorite tip! If you want your posts to be popular for a long time, write about subjects that people generations from now will have questions about. Say tips for blogging. People are always going to be looking for tips because there are new bloggers everyday. Same with DYI projects or reviews.


5. Personalize your website.

When someone first comes to your website, their initial reaction will determine if they want to read your blog or not. If your website is plain looking with no pictures or colors, that will make the reader uninterested. Make it good looking!

6. Take advantage of social media.

If you truly want to make your blog successful you need to get it out there. With how much social media there is, that is the best free advertising you can get. Try using the popular ones and share it with your friends. The social medias I would recommend advertising on is Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These are three super popular platforms and have multiple connections to different search engines.

7. Use images.

Images provide so much extra support and gives more appeal to the audience. This is just another way to show the meaning of your content.

These are some tips I found very useful and will definitely be using them in future posts.

Until next time!


Featured Image Credit: Candid Writer


8 thoughts on “7 Tips for Beginning a Blog”

  1. I love these tips, Rachel! Something that caught my eye was making your blog more attractive. After reading this, I updated mine a bit to be more welcoming. Thanks for the info!


  2. I’m completely new to blogging as well, so I not only enjoyed your blog, but I appreciated it too! Very good and helpful hints that I will need to keep in mind as I blog as well! You’ve done a great job of following your own suggestions! Thanks for sharing!


  3. This is my first time blogging, so your tips are helpful. I really like how one of the tips is to not be perfect. Sometimes I worry too much about if I’m going to say something to offend someone! I think I am trying my best to be myself and have fun with it.


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