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#IMWAYR 3.18.19

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 12.27.01 AM.pngHappy Monday! This week, I’ve read two young adult books.

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 7.01.00 PM.pngThe Poet X is about a young girl named Xiomara. Xiomara lives in a very religious household and is usually criticized for growing into her young woman body. When she meets a boy named Adam, it is not a good thing in the eyes of her parents. As they continue to meet in secret, it is no surprise that they eventually get caught. In order to cope with all of the obstacles in her life, Xiomara writes poetry. The teacher sees this and wants her to join the poetry club. With this, Xiomara finds her voice outside of her words.

I really liked this book because it covers some sensitive issues like abuse that can make people uncomfortable. The book also covers how writing can really impact people when they are unable to speak out or speak what is on their mind. In terms of the writing style, I am always a lover of verse novels so this book was very easy to read while not losing any story elements.  I would highly recommend this book!

Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 7.00.47 PM.png Hello, Universe is a middle grades novel that follows a young man named Virgil. Virgil has some issues at school so he is put into a different class. This leads him to be bullied. Virgil also wants to talk to a girl and become friends but is too nervous to do so. This leads him to go to a fellow classmate who is a psyche as does the girl. In the story, Virgil’s best friend is his pet guinea pig who he cares around everywhere in his backpack. This becomes a problem when he meets his bully in the woods and throws Virgil’s backpack down a well. With so much love for his pet, Virgil follows after him. Now, they must figure out how to get out. 

I thought this book was a very cute story about friendship. The end really ties everything together with Virgil and the girl. Since it is a middle grades novel it goes not take very long to read but it is such a sweet story I think everyone should pick up.

For my reading plans this week, I plan on rereading the Harry Potter series along with some stuff on the side. If anyone has any suggestions please leave them!

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “#IMWAYR 3.18.19”

  1. I think Hello Universe looks like an awesome book to remind kids about friendship! Also good luck with reading Harry Potter. I read the first book and really liked it, but I never pursued the next. I want to sometime. Perhaps this summer I will find time!

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