Hello, everyone reading this! I am Rachel but you can call me Rach for short. I brought into this world with the help of my parents, John and Kandie, as well as some doctor in Scottsbluff, NE…I am sure some nurses were involved as well. I then grew up in Lusk, WY along with my older sister Rebecca. I stayed in Lusk most of my life until I moved to Chadron, NE to pursue a career as a teacher.

I am now an Elementary Education major with a concentration in English. I choose my favorite subject (English) and decided that w15134812_1451357854877826_2925743327875682589_nould be my dream career. My goal classes are 6-8 but I would love to teach other grades as well.

I have a few hobbies and they are pretty general. The first hobby is reading, of course. When I was younger, I was placed into a sort of program because I was not able to read fast enough. This made me HATE English class, reading, book and anything else to do with that subject. I was only in this program for half a school year and started getting involved in reading again thanks to my older sister. She showed me that books are something to be enjoyed, not an assignment. I could not thank her enough for that. My other hobbies include cooking and knitting.

Well, that is the majority of my life (Right now). As well as some background knowledge.

Hope you enjoy reading my mind!