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The Learner I Became.

For my first post, I was told to write about 5 times in my life where I became a learner. At first, I was confused but I finally realized these are essential moments in my life. If I was not a learner, I don’t know where I would be. I know I wouldn’t have gone to college so I am grateful that I am a learner.

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My first experience is not a good one. It all started when I was in sixth or seventh grade. I was someone who only cared about sports. I did not think school was important I only wanted to do sports. With this said, I did not try a lot at this point in time. I remember we had to take these tests where students would have to read an essay out loud and however long it took was your score. If you went over a certain time than you were put into a special reading group called Read 180. Well, I was put into Read 180. I remember I was so mad because it was a class for students with disabilities and I did not have a disability. Anyways, being put in this class made me rebel against the teacher of that course and she did not like that AT ALL. This teacher assigned me a book to read and I did not like it so I didn’t read it. This ultimately lead to me failing the test over the book. Another important piece of information is that this was right around the time my mother was diagnosed with cancer (She is fine now). Well, the teacher came up to me and asked me if I didn’t like the book because it reminded me of my mother. I was confused but I knew what she referring to the cancer. After that, I went back to my seat and asked my classmate what happened at the end. Turns out, this kids mother died at the end. At this point, it all came together and I went to the bathroom and cried for the rest of the class. Soon after, my parents did get involved and I was trying more in Read 180 because the teacher told my parents if my level went up, I wouldn’t have to go anymore. Around halfway through the year, I did get out of Read 180 but ended up hating reading. This experience is something that I will probably never forget because I learned to do something that no one thought I was able to do.



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My second experience was something that should have been obvious but was not to me. As I said before, I was very dedicated to sports. Well, at my school, if you did not have good enough grades than you could not play sports. I am almost positive that this is a state-wide rule in Wyoming. Anyways, once I stopped trying (from above) I was no longer eligible to play sports. This was devastating to me because it was my life at the time. This really made me push to get good grades and I kept them all the way till now in college.


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My third experience happened in eighth grade. My older sister did high school sports so we usually came home at the same time. Well, Rebecca and I were laying on her bed watching tv and she was reading this creepy looking picture book. Of course, I asked her what it was and she showed me an amazing illustration book with the storied of Edgar Allan Poe. I was so fascinated that it was a scary picture book for adults! Rebecca ended up reading me the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe and I fell in love with it. To this day, it is still my favorite short story. This experience made me realize that reading does not have to be an assignment, it is
supposed to be for enjoyment. After this, I started reading more and more.



14573048_1416822571664688_8934880742191103814_nMy fourth experience is not really a school experience but life lesson. When I was growing up, I had the same best friend for years. It was only till about 11th grade when we started to drift apart. There were other personal reasons but we ended up completely ignoring each other. This was pretty hard on me since she was my only friend throughout high school. Once I went into my senior year, everything changed. I began in get more involved in the school and do things that I wanted to do despite what others thought. This made me more friends of the same interest. I then found this girl that I connected with and she became someone I can call my little sister, since she is two years younger than me. To this day, this girl and I are still very close and hang out whenever possible. Learning to be myself has changed my entire life because it made me start living life the way I wanted to live it.

My fifth and final experience is about my favorite teacher. This was during my senior year and I was a part of the yearbook club. Since this was my second year in the club, I could work individually. Since I could, I picked to work as the same time as the 9th grade English class. I learned so much watching the English teacher while she was teaching. It was so interesting and I was able to help some of the Freshmen as well. I loved it!

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Everyday I would look forward to yearbook because it would interest me. This experience is one that changed my life. I wanted to be like the teacher and have a connection with students as well as teaching a subject I was fond of. This is also the same teacher who made me love literature by teaching Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Thank you Miss B.

These are just some experiences I had. Thanks to these experience and loved ones, I am the person I am!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading. Sorry about some sadness!




10 thoughts on “The Learner I Became.”

  1. It sounds like you have come through some rough times. It is fortunate that people come along in our lives, like Miss B, who can help us to become the people that we are meant to be. I hope that you are finding out what your true passion in life is and that you are enjoying your college experience. 🙂


  2. I am so glad you included the hard and sad learning experiences too. I think those are the experiences that make us compassionate, understanding teachers. For so many teachers, school came so easily–which is no doubt one reason we become teachers! But it can sometimes make it hard to understand our students and where they’re coming from.


  3. I am sorry about your mom and I’m so glad she is fine now! I can only imagine what that was like for you. Too bad that teacher couldn’t have found a different book for you to do to get that grade! I have several students that are only there for sports. Our school also has the policy of if you are failing one or more classes you are unable to participate in sports. It’s stressful at times (pressure from parents and coaches), but it ultimately puts responsibility on the students!


    1. I agree completely. I know some kids have gotten away with failing classes and being able to play sports because they were such a good athlete. I don’t particularly agree with that but as a fellow student there wasn’t much to do.


  4. It makes me so sad that some teachers punish children by putting them into a group with students that have disabilities. Having a disability should not be thought of as a punishment and I am sorry you had to go through that!


  5. I believe that the teacher themselves can either cause a student to love to read or a student to hate to read. It helps a lot when you have others that can relate to your experiences. I mean when you are a teacher you will have such a wide range of students from different backgrounds and they may all have a different way of learning so you may have to adjust your approaches. I give you props for never giving up and reaching for your goals to do what you loved.


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