Celebrate This Week

Celebrate This Week: Week 1

Every weekend share a celebration. It can be anything (or several things). A photo, a page from your writer’s notebook, a favorite lesson, a success story, student writing, a recipe, a new book for your classroom library — just find something to celebrate. It doesn’t have to be big, in fact, unlikely celebrations are some of our favorites. Check out the posts from the first official CELEBRATE This Week link-up. They are filled with inspiration!

I chose this meme because, to me, it is so important to look at what you have and be grateful for it. This allows you to look back on the week and see what made you happy or should be celebrated.

This week I wanted to celebrate a homework assignment that I thought I failed but I PASSED! We’ve all had that feeling right?

This week, I had to write a journal about reading the bible. This is for my Literature of the Bible class. I didn’t know much about the stories of the bible before I started this course..However, I have found the best way to read it is like a fiction book rather than a religious story. I have never understood the stories of the bible until now.

Just like every story, you have a couple questions. Some can be answered and some cannot. I asked these in my journal and made some observations from another book we are reading.

I thought I was doing this whole assignment wrong and I was going to have to redo it but, one day, I get an email. It is from the assignments board on the course site. I got a passing grade and a nice comment saying “Excellent work”!

Just shows, try not to doubt yourself because you never know the outcome until it presents itself.. so stop worrying!

Hope everyone else had a good week!

Until next time,