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Fallen- Book Review

The book being reviewed on this lovely evening is Fallen by Lauren Kate.

OH ME OH MY… Fallen.

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Let me just say, this book was a bit of a disappointment to me so if you love this book good for you, I just wanted more from it.

First of all, when I pick up a romance novel, I WANT ROMANCE RIGHT AWAY! I do not want to have to read 300 pages in order to get to the actual romance. Yeah, there are some kisses here and there but their relationship does not peak till right around this time.

Some positives:

I felt that the initial story of the main character was interesting. The death that made her go to the reform school was interesting and I wanted to follow her story right away.

The writing was very easy to follow and flowed smoothly for the most part.

I enjoyed the dark tone to the story.


The main character was very annoying to me. If a guy flips you off the first time you look at him, why would you keep going for them?

The inserts of comedy felt very awkward and unnecessary. These two obviously do not love each other for their humor and neither one of them are considered funny by their peers so when they try to be funny, it is just strange.

THE ROMANCE! Holy moly, this love triangle was difficult for me to get through. This may be a SPOILER but we all know that Daniel and Luce are gonna end up together the first couple of chapters in. The awkwardness of Luce and Cam was just cringy because we know that they are not meant to be and their encounters are just creepy (in my opinion). With that said, Cam and Daniel were my favorite characters! I like the mysteriousness of Daniel and how much of a jerk he was. I like how awkward Cam is even though I think he is supposed to be displayed as a dream boy.

Overall, I would give this book a 2/5. Even though I did not enjoy the first book, I will probably continue the series just because I own them and do not like reading partial series. With that said, keep an eye out for the rest of my reviews on this series!

Happy Reading!