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Monday’s Not Coming- Book Review

When first picking up this book, I thought it would be a typical thriller. You know, there is a mystery and it gets solved through the main character or police. While this did happen in this book, there was a lot more twists and shocking moments that I did not expect to happen.

Monday’s Not Coming follows a young girl named Claudia. Claudia is working towards finding her best friend who no one seems to care is missing. Some trigger warnings are sexual abuse, child abuse, depression, and bullying.

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Something I did not expect from this book is that the best friend’s name is Monday. This is somewhat interesting because when reading the title, you usually think of the day Monday, not a person. That alone was very interesting for the author to do. Something else that I found interesting about this book is that the chapters are either Before or After Monday is seen as missing. This was very helpful to me because it developed the characters more, their relationship more, and how much the disappearance of Monday affected Claudia.

The book starts out with a mix of the relationship between Claudia and Monday and how Claudia is effected with the disappearance of Monday. As you can imagine the trauma of losing a best friend, it becomes clear that Claudia depended on Monday much more than a regular friend. It almost seems obsessive. That is my main issue with Claudia as a character because of how obsessed she is with Monday. SPOILER! It even gets down to the point that Monday performed oral sex on a boy so Claudia feels that she must do the same.  I get looking up to someone and wanting to do what they do but goodness, these kids are like 13/14 in this book.

There are a couple moments in this book where I was shocked and I feel like that is important to not mention so other readers can have the same experience. There is also a lot of good girl fights in this book which I enjoyed, mostly with the mothers.

Overall, I enjoyed this book as a whole. While I was reading, I felt myself piecing different clues together in order to get the whole story. Don’t worry! You are eventually told everything you need to know! I would give this book 4.5/5.