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Book Love: Chapters 3 & 4

After reading further into Book Love by Penny Kittle I find this book incredibly helpful in terms of ideas to use in my future classroom.

In chapter 3, it is said that students have a different pace when reading. This is important to take into consideration when teaching because a student may need more time than average in order to complete a section of reading. With that said, a book that normally takes six hours to read might take a student eight or ten. On the contrary, a student could read quicker than the normal pace so it could take them four hours to read instead of six.

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With this, Kittle makes it a point in her classes to assign a students to read a set amount of hours rather than a certain amount of pages. These hours are meant to be read outside of class and students are to complete a reading log so they are able to keep track of the pages they read in that two hours. This is also some evidence that the teacher can use to show that students are completing their assignment. This would be something that can be applied at any age with different times being required. For example, a younger kid could be assigned 30 minutes while a middle school student could be assigned to read for an hour or two. However, with little, little kids, the students might need some parental help.

In chapter 4, Kittle talks about the balance of reading books at their grade level and reading books that are easier. A main argument is that students should not be able to read below their grade level because it is not challenging them. Even if a book does not seem to be challenging enough, students are still reading and that is what is important. As Kittle suggests, it is important to find balance between readings that are challenging and readings that give them a break.

Chapter 4 also talks about a classroom library. Something that I never thought of until reading this was having students help to organize the books in a way that is interesting to them. If I were to not have students organize the classroom library, I would have the books organized alphabetically by the author’s last name because it is easier to find books. Also, this way, the series are able to stay together (which is one of my biggest pet peeves).


6 thoughts on “Book Love: Chapters 3 & 4”

  1. The books in my classroom are organized by their AR color, but my chapter books on the shelves, my students organize. They usually order them by author or series. I find that most of them like order in their lives too. Of course there are a few that have problems putting them right side up or bind side out. 😉

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  2. I never thought of starting a library until reading this chapter too. I have been collecting books but never really thought of it as my own library but it definitely is! Also when reading chapter 3, I loved when Kittle said, “Easy reading builds confidence and hard reading builds skills.”

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  3. I really like that Kittle makes the reading rare sort of a personal challenge, and not make it between other classmates. I think a lot of students get ashamed or embarrassed about how much better or slower they are when compared to their classmates. Kittle sort of circumvents that whole dynamic by making it a personal goal.
    Thanks for your post!

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