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Young Adult (YA) Literature

Young adult literature is a topic of interest to me because it can appeal to most age groups. From what I have read, the term “young adult” is meant to apply to people between the ages of 12 and 18. Anything after that is adult literature. This is interesting to me because the young adult genre is such a beloved genre by all ages. It is great that a single genre is able to bring so many different ages together.

I found it interesting how The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is one of the most talked about books in young adult literature. This book is one of the first that relates to teens the most. The problems that the teens in The Outsiders go through can relate to many different types of teens. This includes the Greasers, Socs, and even the females. I think it helps that S. E. Hinton was 18 when she wrote the Outsiders. This could help her, as an author, relate to young adults because she was a young adult at the time. It is interesting now that some of the most famous YA authors are well past the “young adult” age limits. These include John Green (41 years old), Stephenie Meyer (45 years old), and Suzanne Collins (56 years old).


Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 12.37.49 PM.pngAnother book I found interest in that I have not read is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. From what I have read about this book, it deals a lot with teen issues like sex, racism, menstruation, and divorce. This quickly became a controversial book but it is one of the most influential young adult books because it is so real about these topics. For young adults, this book is able to help them through these topics but because of this book. This book has been one that I have seen all over the place when looking up young adult books so I want to read this book sometime this semester.

Overall, learning more about the young adult genre was very helpful in terms of what the history of the genre is all about. It would be hard to image the world without this genre because there are so many beloved books within this genre that relates to all ages. The young adult genre is one of my favorite genres because I can easily relate to the characters. With that being said, I am grateful the genre was created.

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3 thoughts on “Young Adult (YA) Literature”

  1. “Are You There, Margaret” is SUCH a good book, Rachel! To have a talent like Blume to remember all the angst and emotions of that time is a real gift. I remember, I read this around the time it supposedly takes place (6th grade) and all of the pressures and inner-thoughts were so uncomfortable to be reading it AND experiencing it. VERY META! 🙂 So now you’ve inspired me to re-read it as an 48 year old adult. Thank you!


  2. I agree with you. I think the world would be a little bit more boring without the YA genre. I had no idea that the Outsiders was written by a girl at the age of 18. That’s quite impressive! I remember reading that book when I was in high school. I always liked it!


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