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5 Image Story

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During my time as a teenager, I went thought a lot of different reading stages. When I first entered high school, I was very tired of reading because I was put into a reading program. This program really turned me off from reading because I felt stupid being in a reading program. I also had a negative experience with a teacher through a book which made me turned off even more.

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My outlook on books changed because I had a great librarian in the high school who was able to show me books that were interesting. I remember I really liked the Ellen Hopkins verse novels and the Twilight series. These two things got me into reading large books despite their length. I learned not to be afraid of a book because of the length because it can be a really easy read that I could just blow through.


It was around my junior year that I actually began to enjoy reading for my own pleasure.  This is because of my advanced English teacher. She allowed me to see how books can be enjoyable rather than just an assignment. She also showed me to try things outside of my comfort zone. She pushed me to look at more classical literature because of how much I enjoyed Macbeth. This lead me to being obsessed with Pride and Prejudice for most of my junior year.

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During my senior year, I was lucky enough to be a student helper to the English teacher I had my junior year. This was great because she allowed me to teach with her and help students as much as I could. This was great because it allowed us to create more readers by giving more recommendations. I was also able to see that I wanted to be a teacher more than anything. I enjoyed the texts that they covered as well as being able to interact with the students.


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My English teacher in high school is a big inspiration for me to become a middle school teacher. I want to be the one to change someone from a non-reader to a reader just by talking to them about what they are interested in. I am so grateful for all of these experiences, negative and positive, because they made me the reader I am today. Overall, I believe that my experience shows how much a teacher or librarian can have an impact on students.

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6 thoughts on “5 Image Story”

  1. It’s crazy how a teacher can have s much impact on students, huh? I remember my English teachers as some of my favorite teachers. For some reason I just found them to be much more encouraging, helpful, and supportive than other teachers! I’m glad they helped you find your reading life. Honestly, I didnt find mine until coming to college here at CSC.


      1. Yeah! At least part of the reason. I also just have a passion for reading and writing along with the benefits the processes bring. I hope to become a school counselor one day if all of the cards line up. For now, though, I am just taking one day at a time with English Ed.


  2. It’s amazing how much one teacher can impact your life. For me, it was my Sophomore English teacher. I was lucky enough to have her again for my Junior year, which is what ultimately lead to me deciding to become a teacher. I hope that someday my students can say the same about me!


  3. I remember once in 6th grade I had a teacher that called to have a meeting with my parents because he said I was having so much difficulty reading. My mom was dumbfounded because she said I read all the time. I always had and she had never heard that I had difficulty reading. What it came down to was that I was terribly shy and I didn’t like to read out loud. It made me so nervous. I remember how that teacher made me feel. How he embarrassed me so much. I’ve had so many good teachers, but that one bad experience is what always sticks out in my mind. It could have been avoided if he would have just taken the time to look into the situation instead of jumping to conclusions.


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