Weekly Reading Summary

Its Monday! What Are You Reading?!

img_6591.jpgFor this week, I worked towards my reading goal! I decided to finish my Disney book so this week I will have seven stories to cover instead of five! I also started my new middle level book.


Three Little Pigs:

When reading this story it was a joy! I found it so funny to read and it reminded me of my childhood. The illustrations were really good. They were realistic but not to realistic that they took away from the joyous factor of this book.


This story was surprising to me. This is the story of Lady and the Tramp but in a different setting. At first, I was disappointed but it turned out being a pretty sweet read.

Old Yeller:

If anyone has seen Old Yeller, I am happy to say this story has a completely different ending. I am torn on this story because I would like to read the book and then watch the movie with my class but since this book and the movie are so different, I would not use this.

Sleeping Beauty:

Another princess story that was great. I think this story would be interesting to use in the classroom because there is the original story about sleeping beauty but there is also a story about Maleficent. This would be a great way to teach character development.

Manni the Donkey:

This was a new read for me but it was ADORABLE! Manni is probably the cutest character I have even seen in the Disney books. This is because normal people don’t usually think of donkeys as cute but Manni is!

Donald Duck’s Toy Sailboat:

This story is more based on the chipmunks Chip and Dale rather than Donald Duck. I have to admit I was a little disappointed because Donald Duck is one of my favorite Disney characters.

The Jungle Book:

This would also be a great book to teach because it has so many different elements to it. Especially with the new Jungle Book coming out, it would be fun to read and watch as a class.

Herbie the Love Bug:

I found it interesting how different this movie was from the book. Honestly, the only connection between the two was the Bug. After reading it, I was a little disappointed in the movie because the book is a great story.

Middle Level:

For this week, I am starting The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger