Weekly Reading Summary

Its Monday! What Are You Reading?!

IMG_6536This week, I continued my reading challenge! I have a book from last week that is full of Disney classics so I will be continuing through this book! I also finished my middle grade book!



Starting off this week with a popular Disney princess! The story was okay but I found the most enjoyment from the illustrations. While these illustrations are not completely real life, they are simple and follow the story incredibly well!

The Ugly Duckling:

This book was always one I hated because I found it so sad while reading. Even as a 19-year-old, I still find it sad. Of course there is the happy ending which lightens up the mood!

Alice in Wonderland:

This will ALWAYS be my favorite Disney story. I remember as a kid reading this story over and over. Once I found my love for English, I read the original copy and it just strengthnd my love. I would definitely use this book in my classroom.

Pluto Pup Goes to Sea:

This was one I’ve never read before but it was fun to follow and had the classic Disney animations included in it!

Peter Pan:

Peter Pan is a book I would use in the classroom because it does a great job with gender roles. The classic story shows that boys are not always the heroes.

Middle Level:

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

I don’t want to get into the definition of the book but more of how I would incorporate this into my classroom. I would consider this book pretty diverse but humorous. I think I would require my students to read this around 6th grade because it is not very long and the story is pretty easy to follow. I’ve debated on having my students do a book report on it or assigning different sections that we communicate as a class and have them write a report on the end. Either way, I think using these methods could open students up to a majority of different learning goals. I am leaning more towards the report from groups of students as well as having class discussions about different points in the plot!’

Until next time,