Diversity in Children’s Books

This week, we were assigned to read two articles that had to do with Diversity in Children’s Books. For this post, I will be giving my responses on this issue.

The two articles we read were Here I am by Brian Pinkney and Children’s Books: Still an All-White World? by Kathleen T. Horning. I personally liked Here I am better because it is more story based while the Children’s Books: Still an All-White World? is more fact based.

I think diversity in Children’s book is something that had gotten better over time. This could be because of stories like Pinkney or because of people realizing that there is not a lot of diversity and they want to change that. Either way, it is pretty clear that diverse children’s book are not as popular as non diverse books.

Image Credit: Sharon Fabri

Looking at Horning’s article, she uses a lot of interesting points involving many statistics and has a handy chart. However, one thing I found important in this article is when Horning writes, “A lot of people are quick to blame the publishing industry. But publishers can’t just make manuscripts magically appear.” I think this is so important to understand because in my opinion, the blame for less diverse children book’s is not just on one group.

As I said before, it seems like diversity in children books is getting better and better but we still have a ways to go. This can be helped by teacher immensely. If teachers use a variety of book in their classroom. This exposes the students to things they encounter throughout their lives. Exposing them to a variety at a young age will only do good for them. Of course, this is a teacher’s decision and how they want their classroom to run. I just think it would be a great idea.

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7 thoughts on “Diversity in Children’s Books”

  1. I really enjoyed your blog. I agree that I think diversity in our classrooms is getting better over time. However, I think it could be much better. I also preferred the “here I am” article over the second one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  2. This was a great blog I think you hit it right on the nail when you said as teachers we need to use different books to get into the children’s head instead of waiting tell later I think you have a great blog and was very informational.


  3. Wow, Excellent blog you did an amazing job with this one. I feel you are right in saying its not just the media’s fault, this is everyone’s teacher’s parents, etc. Diversity can be taught in a variety of ways and everyone needs to help in teaching this especially at a younger age.


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