Reading Challenge Check-In


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A couple weeks ago, I set a reading challenge to read 5 picture books and 2 middle level books a week. This challenge is going okay. I have been able to meet the goal every week since I have set it so I suppose that is a good thing! The problem is, I am not reading the middle level books that I want to teach. These two books a week are pretty small books and are things my students would read but I would not teach. Another challenge that I have faced is this readings take me more than four hours to do so throughout the week, I have read for about 7/8 hours. This is not a bad thing but I found this to start to interfere with my other classes and their readings. So based on these reason, I want to change my reading goal.


I’ve thought about this for a little while about how I would want to change it but incorporate it in both elementary and middle grades. I decided to keep my 5 picture books a week because those are not very time consuming and I am finding a huge variety of books! The problem stands with the middle level books. I decided to choose one “big” book to read over 2 weeks. So my plan is to read a different books every two weeks. Since I will not finish it by the Monday post, I am going to have my middle level section be a check-in section about what has happened and my thoughts of the book so far. At the end of two weeks, I will talk about my final thoughts of the book and my plans on using the book in the classroom. These can include project ideas I want my students to do, or if we are going to read the book together, or if I am going to read it to them completely. I think this will equal my 4 hours a week if I span the middle level book across two weeks.

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10 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Check-In”

  1. That’s pretty interesting to hear that you are changing your goals. I think that it’s important to know and understand that you can change them in order to make the growth that you want.


  2. Way to take a step back a change what was not working for you! I think the the change you made to your challenge will be beneficial to you in the long run, as it will help to create somewhat lesson plans for the future. Reading books that you hope to teach someday!


  3. That is awesome that you are being able to keep up with your goal and are even going to challenge yourself more which is awesome I think you challenge was really hard already but you are going for more great job.


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