Weekly Reading Summary

Its Monday! What Are You Reading?!: Week 5

The Girl Who Drank The MoonThis week I read the Newbery Award winning book The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill. This is the 2017 Newbery Award Winner so I thought it would be appropriate to read in the year 2017 😉.

This book is about a girl named Luna. Luna lives in a town that sacrafice babies in order to remain safe from the witch in the woods. When I found out there were baby sacrificing going on, I was a little confused on why this is just a popular middle grades book. Anyways, you find you the witch in the woods is not evil. Xan, the witch, takes the babies to families that are across the woods. An important thing to take note is that Xan feeds the babies starlight when taking them across the woods, this is when Luna becomes special. Instead of feeding Luna starlight, Xan accidentally feeds Luna moonlight and she gains magical powers. When Luna is older, she hears of a guy that wants to go kill the witch. At this point, Luna needs to protect Xan.

This book was very interesting to read. Like I said, I was not expecting any baby sacrificing to happen but I am glad it did not! Overall, I thought this book was awesome. It is unquie and fun to follow Luna and her powers! However, I think this book would be better as an individual read rather than using it as a class book for discussion.

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