Reading this Semester

Reading this semester has been an interesting ride so far. I say it has been interesting because I did not think I would enjoy the books as much as I have so far. I have discovered so many different books and authors that I have a huge variety that I can use when I get my own classroom.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself as a reader. I did not think I would be super interested in the books that I have read so far but I am! I say this because in high school and even in my free time, I like horror books. My favorite author is Stephen King and I don’t think he could write a very appealing children’s book! It is surprising to me that I have enjoyed the books as much as I did. I guess it shows that a person does not have to be set on a certain genre but they can explore multiple genres and enjoy all of them at least a little bit.

Throughout the semester, I’ve found that I like the older elementary books more. I think they are better overall because they can go into much more detail than a picture book can. Of course picture books can be just as good as some chapter books but with the grades I want to teach, chapter books would be the best. This could also be a reason why I like the Newbery winning books the most. I loved, absolutely loved, The One and Only Ivan. As I said before, I am surprised at how much I liked these books but the One and Only Ivan was so well written that even the elementary level book was able to make a 19 year old (me) emotional at certain points!

In the end, I am excited to see what the rest of the semester holds.

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4 thoughts on “Reading this Semester”

  1. Im like you I prefer the chapter books, more than picture books. I really enjoy the Newbery awards. I loved The One and Only Ivan, I think this is now one of my tops books, I have read.


  2. I am glad that you are enjoying reading this semester but I am not a big reader still but I do like to read to my children so it makes it some what easier. like you I have found that I can read more books in a few weeks then I thought I could. Great Blog


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