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Attention Log

Image Credit: Kris Olin

For the attention log, I had to take notes about multiple things while I was online. The only condition was the time spent online has to be more than 15 minutes! Some of the notes we had to take were the following:

1. Date,
2. Description of Physical Space and Device
3. Duration of session,
4. What occurred,
5. What you did,
6. How you felt,
7. What worked,
8. What did not work,
9. Other comments.

We had to note at least 5 sessions for an entire week. I went way over five sessions but my sessions were very similar. I came to the conclusion that I had three general situations of me online.

Situation 1:

My first situation is school/ homework. These sessions could range from 30 minutes to 3 hours. This time online depended on how much homework I had to do or how much time I had to work. At my place of employment, I am able to take breaks and a majority of these breaks are me online doing homework. This makes me become very focused because I am under a certain amount of time! These sessions always had the same device (MacBook Air) and the physical setting would be in my housekeeping closet.

Situation 2:

My second situation is usually just a browse through social media. These sessions could last 15 minutes to 2 hours and could happen at anytime of the day! These sessions involves using my iPhone and three main social medias (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). The physical space would vary so much! I could be on a break at work, laying in bed, or even standing in line at Wal-Mart. This situation had the most sessions in it as well.

Situation 3:

My third situation has two different types of sessions. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I watch them for entertainment or use them as background noise. When watching for entertainment, I could watch videos for 2-3 hours. These sessions are usually when I am relaxing and going to bed. However, when I use it for background noise, videos could play for up to 8 hours! While I am working, we are allowed to have headphones and this is usually when I am using the videos as background noise. This also changes my mood for the videos. If I sit down and watch them, I laugh and is generally interested in the video. As background noise, I giggle a little but am not fully emerged in the video!

Overall, I think I have pretty normal sessions but I would agree that I need to cut down on browsing through social media!

Until next time,