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If you spend a day on the internet you are more than likely going to see some activism. There are so many different networks that allow activism, but is activism online a bad thing? There is negatives and positives of every situation so I will be discussing both.


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The main negative I see with activating online is anything can be activated. Since there are so many different types of people there is going to be support coming from multiple sources. Even the worst possible campaign will get support.

Another negative is the protection you have against people opposing you. I think this is a negative because you need to be able to see both sides of the story in order to be successful. When you are online, it is so easy to delete a comment or block someone because they disagreed with you.


The first positive about activating online is you can have so many different supporters. In The New Face of Teen Activism, Melissa (an online activist) says “A lot of physical protests and movements are very localized, but online there are no limits to who can engage with you.” This is so true. When you are discussing an idea physically, you can only talk to so many people. On the internet, you can live in New York and talk to someone in China! The support is endless!

Another positive is the use of promotions. With so many different social medias, you can expand your message across so many different platforms. With this you get supporters and you can create a type of petition or fundraiser. These two things can be exposed to multiple people and get much more support than doing it physically.

The last positive is the impact activism can have on neutral readers. Activist can make such a big impact and talk about very touchy subjects. When reviewing the Shorty Awards, I found The Help Hotline. This was made by teenagers in order to help people with depression, suicidal thoughts, and much more. These teenagers made such an impact on others that they were nominated for the Shorty Awards, pretty impressive.

Overall, I believe if you want to be an online activist you need to be aware of the positives and negatives. I personally thing online activism is a great thing, mainly because of the amount of supporters you can get for a great cause.

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10 thoughts on “Digital Activism”

  1. I like how you split your post into positives and negatives of online activism. I’m relieved that I’m not the only one that sees those negatives. Do you see an issue with the same type of thing as cyberbullying with people being more willing to say/do things online than they would in real life?


  2. As with any situation, there are positives and negatives, and like you said, people need to be aware of both before committing to something. I like all of the negatives and positives you pointed out in this post. I think the biggest part about digital activism is how much support an issue can get from all over the world.


  3. I really like that you went right into the negatives. I never thought about how there are people out there who will openly support terrible things and It can be really bad for our kids to see things like that being supports.


  4. I have been thinking a lot about the negatives of digital activism as I read the posts for this unit. You’re absolutely right: even the most undeserving of causes can now become the focus of digital activism, and you do open yourself up to quite negative criticism and even personal attacks online because so many people behave so differently online than they would ever behave face-to-face.


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