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Google Yourself

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For this week, one assignment was to Google ourselves. This is so we can see who we are online and what things are public. If someone wants to be successful on the internet, a good thing to do is Googling themselves. When you Google someone you can see what this person posts, some of their most popular photos and possibly some dark secrets!

When I Googled myself, I chose to use two different searches, one with my middle name and one without. This is for the simple reason that I use my middle name on personal things and I don’t on things for college and other important things. With this said, I found exactly this.

When googling myself without my middle name I found some very interesting things. The first being my high school track and field records. I thought this was hilarious because it just shows how long something can stay online. One activity I did in high school is the first thing that shows up on my Google search. Some other things that showed up included my high school honor roll as well as the CSC Academic Honors list.

When I googled myself with my middle name, it included links to all my social medias, current and not current. It showed me that I need to go to some of these websites and delete these accounts because some are as old as 6 years! Something else that I found was multiple pictures of me and my family on Google images. While this is creepy, they are all linked to my profile and that is why they are online.

Thankfully, I found nothing bad on my Google search. I think a main reason for this is because all of my personal social media accounts are private and you can only be my friend or follower on this platform to see my posts. I would recommend doing this because of safety reasons. You never know who is out there and who can find you or your family.

This Google search was helpful because it really shows how much people can see that you do not know about. Anyone that wants to start a business on the internet should really considered doing a Google search. With any career, you want to make sure your Google search is not bad because bosses and anyone else has access to Google!

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