Independent Learning Project

Rebuilt Clock

One thing I did this week was rebuild a clock and made it into a key holder. While my father did a lot of the work…I am proud to say I painted the dots! I did not get picture of the clock before the repair but all you need to know is the wood around the clock was cracked but the actual clock worked!

First thing we did was repair the wood. Since the wood was not to cracked, we could just glue it back together. My father then sanded it down and spray painted it black. We then put a clear coat over it and reset the time. My father then put 5 screws in the bottom so it could hold all of my keys! 🙂

For the paint, I used Sharpie paint markers in blue, green and pink.

First Blue, then green, and finally pink!

The final product (after some touch ups):


This product was super easy to make and did not cost anything. The clock was recycled and the paint is something my family already had! Its awesome how some of the smallest things can be reusable!

Until next time,