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Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

On this blog, I always say that it is impossible to avoid using internet in the classroom now. I still believe this to be true! Digital storytelling can be used in a positive way in the classroom. To me, digital storytelling can be used as a creative activity as well as getting students familiar with the internet and computer resources. While reading the assigned articles about digital storytelling and podcasts in the classroom, I really got interested in a couple different points and wanted to share them with you.

The first article I read was Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling. I loved reading this article because it brought up different lesson plans to use digital storytelling. I just want to share a couple of my favorites. Dream scenes are the first lesson they discuss. The lesson is to have students write an essay about what they would like to be when they grow up and then put in animations in order to make the scene a visual scene, like in a movie. This sounds like it would be so much fun and can personalize to every student you have. I would do this lesson with high schoolers because it would give them an idea on what they want to be before college or the work field. Also, they would be able to add more animations and effects than younger students. The second lesson plan I loved is book trailers! Holy cow, do I love watching book trailers! It would be so awesome for students to make trailers on a book because it allows them creative freedom as well as practicing their critical reading and analysis skills. This type of lesson I would use at the middle school and high school level.

If you want some example of digital storytelling be sure to check out

Image Credit: Henk van der Duim

The next article I read was What Teens are Learning From “Serial” and Other Podcasts. This article was interesting because it talked about podcasts being educational. While I am working, I listen to podcasts from my favorite Youtubers for two reasons, 1. They can be super long (1-2hrs) and 2. They are funny and silly! I never thought about using some podcasts in the classroom setting however, the serial podcasts are super fun to listen to. I’ve only listened to a couple and it is like Forensic Files (a TV show on CNN) is playing constantly in my ear. It turns out teens like to be read to! Crazy, I know. The article describes serial as a novel. It is something that is interesting to the students as well as the teacher! It would be very cool to have a peer-like conversation with student through podcasts you listened to as a class.

Overall, I think digital storytelling in the classroom is a good thing and it will be something I use as a teacher!

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