Independent Learning Project

Google Autocomplete?

For this weeks post about my independent learning project, I wanna talk about what to talk about. What are some things you can do when you draw a blank? I will be talking about one major tip that you can do. This tip is Google Autocomplete, also known as Google Suggest.

Google Autocomplete is when you start typing in the search bar and it gives you suggestions on what you might be looking for. Looks something like this.


Google Autocomplete works very simply. When you type a word, the autocomplete is established by popularity of the search. Now, how does this tie into blogging?

When you need to know something or want more information about a subject most of us use Google to solve this problem. Well, one way to get ideas from blogging is by Googling a subject you are interested in. This is a point in my past post and it is something that multiple bloggers do. The autocomplete comes into play because it can bring up different topics to talk about. An example is if you type “”blog” Google autocompletes it to “blog tips”, “blog sites” and “blog help”. (On mine anyway)

Another thing about Google is it can base your searches off of things you have searched in that past. This is if you have a Google account and you are logged in when searching or if you search something on the same computer. Say you read news from CNN, if you Google something and CNN has done an article about it, CNN will come to the top of your search right away. It can be very personalized if you want it to be.

Now, what if you have no idea where to even start. Say you just want a general concept to write a post about, how can you use autocomplete? Thanks to the internet, I have found some popular keywords that you can look up to give ideas what to write about. These words are just some of the popular words that people search and write about in 2016.

These words are:

  1. Facebook   2. Youtube  3. Aquarius  4. ESPN  5. Popular  6. Test  7. News  8. Art           9. Free  10. Amazon

These are just a few popular searches. You can pretty much find anything you need with Google or another search engine.

Hopefully, Google Autocomplete makes more sense and can help you in your future blogging career. It has helped me immensely!

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Google Autocomplete?”

  1. Great info about the google autocomplete! Some of the autocomplete searches sure crack me up sometimes, though. Have you entered something in and had the autocomplete list pop up and be like, “What?! Who even searches for that?” It’s hard to believe it’s based off of popular searches or maybe I just don’t quite grasp just how crazy our world has become? Ha!


  2. Absolutely love this idea! There are so many times when I struggle with what else to talk about in my posts. Thanks for this suggestion, I know it will be put to use!


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