Independent Learning Project

Independent-Learning Project

For the CSC “Literacy in the Digital Age’, we were given an awesome project to spend 4 hours on whatever subject we’d like and post our way through each step. For this project, I decided to use my own blog as my project. For the remaining weeks, I will be spending time researching and try to make a successful blog.

First, I need to determine what a successful blog is. My goal in these next couple weeks it to gain followers outside of my classmate followers. I will be attempting to gain these followers by creating a variety of blogs on different subjects as well as sharing every post to Facebook and Twitter. On top of my school posts, I want to do at least one different topic each week as well as an update blog each week. This update blog will talk about the stats I get from each week as well as different tips and tricks I learned from the internet.

Second, I need to determine what type of blogs I want to post. I am really interested in media and different popular medias, such as Youtube, and the “trending” tab. This could serve as a review as well as different possible reviews (movies and books). Another thing I have thought about is different cooking recipes. I became interested in cooking from my mother and eventually took classes in high school which was pretty funny. I think it

img_5818.jpgwould be funny to try to see some “average Jane” try intense cooking recipes. One last thought I had was different welding projects. I was in welding or shop (as some schools call it) for 3 out of 4 years of high school. The first year, I learned the basics of multiple shop tools and found my own techniques on them. For second and third year welders, they would have to make their own projects and submit them for a grade. Being the person I am, I wanted to make welding art. This has become very popular with welding art made out of horseshoes. I did this a lot and thought I could share my experiences andfile_000.jpeg knowledge with the good people of the internet. With all these ideas, it is probably safe to say, I am not a professional with any of these things. They are just simply my hobbies.

*If you have any ideas PLEASE comment them!*

*Also, all the images uploaded are my own personal projects.*

Hopefully you are able to follow me through this journey!

-RachelFile_000 (1)


4 thoughts on “Independent-Learning Project”

  1. I have to say we have a lot in common when it comes to interests. I like your idea of wanting to do welding art and with horseshoes. How creative!! Although I have no ideas to share with you I find this hobby can be peaceful and something that can let your mind relax.


  2. What a great idea! I’m excited for you to learn more about blogging and hopefully then I can learn some things from you! And by the way, your projects are all amazing!


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